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This applet demonstrates the convolution of one-dimensional discrete signals. You can vary the values of the input data vector x[n] and the filter impulse response h[n] with the mouse (simply click into the plots / "drag" the values), the result vector will be updated immediatly. Additionally you can change between cyclic convolution and convolution with zero extension using the checkboxes.


This applet demonstrates the convolution of two-dimensional discrete signals (images). You can load your own images by entering the URL of the image in the text field (hint: right-click on the image in the web browser and select Copy image location from the context menu, then paste the url in the text field) and click the load-Button. Convolution is triggered by the convolute-button. You may use one of the predefined filters from the combobox or edit the convolution matrix manually.


This applet demonstrates an 16-Point DFT of an in general complex input. The DFT itself will be calculated via

DFT transform equation.
DFT transform equation.
The both upper displays shows the signal x[n] in time/spatial domain. The combo box above provides some predefined signals for your viewing pleasure. The plots in the row below shows the real- and imaginary part of the DFT spectrum, the bottom row shows the amplitude- and phase spectrum.
All views can be manipulated by dragging/clicking the values with the mouse - the other dependent views will update immediatly.